6 Great benefits to work over Christmas

Christmas time is on its way, and everyone’s getting ready for a full season of food, drink and Christmas shopping chaos. But seeing your name on the rota to work throughout the festive period might not be quite as exciting. To make sure you’re seeing the silver linings, here are some great and unexpected upsides to work over Christmas:

1. You will actually get a seat on public transport

How about getting a whole train or bus just for yourself? It’s that time when you can finally listen to the loudest, most irritating music you own, sing out loud and have your feet up.

2. Yes – Everyone will feel sooo sorry for you 😉

Soak up all the sympathy from family and friends who will be slaving over a hot stove, dropping the turkey, or pushing through crowds of desperate shoppers on a last minute gift rush! – All you have to do is getting through the day and thanking your bank balance later.

3. It’s a great excuse to escape awkward Xmas parties or (“in-Laws”;)

Nobody would dare to argue with a shift at work the next day! It’s the best ultimate get-out clause for all the obligatory events you dread. No one is going to force you to stay out late when they know you’ve got work in the morning.

4. Everyone is in a good mood

You might be surprised at how the festive season can positively influence people’s mood – both your colleagues and patients. There’s no doubt there will be work to be done but when everyone is happier than ever it will all get much easier.

5. You become a super hero to your patients

Working over Christmas is one of the best gifts you can give to your patients.

6. It might actually be fun

Treat yourself – it’s Christmas. Get that Christmassy drink and indulge in a fancy lunch. You deserve it, you’re working over Christmas –  you poor thing!

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