Medical Staffing

Source and Recruit Doctors
and Medical Professionals Directly

Medical doctors are the cornerstone of healthcare systems, providing life-saving treatments, diagnosing illnesses, and offering invaluable guidance to patients and their families.

As the global demand for healthcare reaches historic levels, these dedicated professionals tirelessly shoulder the responsibility of providing life-affirming, compassionate care for patients who need it most.

The Healthcare Job Fairs provide an indispensable wellspring of top-quality registered doctors and medical professionals.

Outflank the ramping hiring costs and red tape associated with sourcing medical talent through recruitment agencies and other third-parties and connect directly with hundreds of qualified medical professionals eager and ready to bring their talents to your organisation.

Book your stand today and take advantage of our range of bespoke exhibiting solutions, including double-space stands for multidisciplinary hiring teams and remote exhibition packages for organisations unable to send staff to represent them in person.

Event Listings

Auckland Saturday, 24 August, 2024
Dublin Saturday, 22 March, 2025
London Saturday, 5 April, 2025