Allied Health Staffing

Recruit Registered Allied Health Professionals

From physiotherapists to pharmacists, paramedics to therapists and radiographers, allied health staff play a crucial role in delivering a full battery of dedicated, quality care that elevates patient outcomes and promotes faster recovery and overall wellness.

By collaborating seamlessly with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers, they form an integrated team that help effect the comprehensive treatment plans that ensure the quality of patient care your organisation excels at providing.

The Healthcare Job Fairs provide an unparalleled opportunity to rip through the red tape of recruitment and connect directly with qualified and registered allied health workers in a personable, face-to-face environment.

Without recruitment agencies to drive up costs and convolute the hiring process, your organisation can net savings as high as 90% on its recruitment drive while sourcing eager, dedicated workers committed to delivering the level of care your organisation is renowned for.

Book your stand today and take advantage of our multidisciplinary double-stand option, allowing you to share a space with other teams from your organisation.

Event Listings

Auckland Saturday, 24 August, 2024
Dublin Saturday, 22 March, 2025
London Saturday, 5 April, 2025