Demand for qualified, registered healthcare professionals is reaching critical levels all over the globe. More than ever, the ability to rapidly upscale healthcare workforces at cost and on healthcare employers’ terms is a crucial component of quality healthcare provision.

That’s why the Healthcare Job Fair puts healthcare recruitment back in the hands of employers, providing direct, face-to-face communication with prospective candidates without the added complication of recruitment consultants, agents and other costly third parties.

Pulling together registered healthcare professionals across the fields of medicine, nursing, midwifery and allied health, the largest job fair of its kind in the world offers an unmissable opportunity to tap into an extensive talent pool of certified and registered healthcare workers.

The Healthcare Job Fairs remain the most cost-effective recruitment solution to be found in the healthcare industry, offering savings of up to 90% on the fees charged by staffing and recruitment agencies.

It is for this reason, and for the simple, direct and brilliantly effective approach of in-person candidate networking, that so many of our clients return to exhibit again.

Book your place today and discover an easier way to source top quality healthcare talent.



Event Listings

Auckland Saturday, 24 August, 2024
Birmingham Saturday, 28 September, 2024