What Healthcare Employers Dislike In A Candidate Interview

So, you’ve read our last blog where we highlighted what employers like, now we’re here to tell you some of the things they’re not so excited about! And while some of these may seem straightforward, you might think twice about some of them!  we found out first-hand from the likes of The South West London Orthopaedic Centre as to what exactly they don’t want!


This is a no-brainer, right? Well you’d be surprised at how many people are late… and don’t give the employers a heads up…and there are even some that don’t show up at all, and don’t even have the courtesy to ring up or email. How would you feel if you were stood up on a date, or if someone was so late they left you waiting around for ages without bothering to send you a text? This is the same when it comes to interviews! Be mindful of other people’s time, after all, you’ve come this far, why mess up your chances or put a bad taste in an employer’s mouth?

Inappropriately dressed/overpowering perfume

You know the score, first impressions are everything! Employers definitely do not want to see someone too casual and not putting any effort in, too much makeup for the ladies, or just downright inappropriately dressed! Opt for something smart, more on the conservative side and above all comfortable (there’s no need for those towering 12-inch heels!).

Also, there is nothing more distracting than an overpowering scent. It can not only give everybody in the room a headache, it just isn’t appropriate. If you do decide to wear perfume, be sensible- scent is the strongest of the senses!

At the end of the day, look as though you can care for yourself and be professional- employers will thus feel confident you can care for patients, and will take you more seriously!

Being too over-confident or showing no interest

One of employers’ pet peeves is someone being too over-confident and cocky. It’s fine to be confident and show that you know your stuff, but it should all be done in a tasteful way. Nobody wants a “know-it-all”! On the flipside, you also can’t come in and show that you don’t really care much for the job you’ve applied for. Sitting there not saying much, not asking any questions, now showing any enthusiasm for the employer or just not seeming interested at all won’t get you far! Show that you’ve done your research on the hospital, ask questions about the culture, the teams, the people you might be working with one day! Showing interest and passion will go a long way.

“You need to look professional in order for us and your patients to take you seriously” – The South West London Orthopaedic Centre

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