“It’s inspiring how much everyone cares”

A viewpoint on life at East London NHS Foundation Trust from their Community Health Newham Project Lead.

“As a Community Health Newham Project Lead for East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT), I really enjoy helping others by supporting them both practically and emotionally.

When I am asked why someone should work here I respond with my own experience. There are a great deal of opportunities for personal and professional growth but most importantly my work is valued here, and I am appreciated.

When I trained to be a nurse and a health visitor, I really didn’t expect to do this sort of job. At ELFT, I was given the opportunity to be seconded to work with HR to boost recruitment; first for the Health Visiting Service and after a year or so to also help with the Extended Primary Care Team.

In this time, I have met wonderful people both inside and outside of the organisation. Though there are times when I miss running clinics and visiting clients, I find my current role even more satisfying in very different ways.

I love the variety, I meet new people almost every day and this job allows me to proactively identify and deal with issues. I enjoy problem solving and seeking positive outcomes for prospective and current staff. While there can be similar problems, each person sees things differently, and working with them is a unique experience each time.

The best days are ones where I am able to say ‘yes’, finding ways to overcome an obstacle that means it’s no longer necessary to say ‘no’. I take satisfaction when I am able to solve a problem, and people are often very grateful.

I also love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. We work with clients who are some of the most vulnerable in society, improving their lives and safeguarding them from harm. It’s inspiring how much everyone cares, and that you are encouraged to always strive for excellence.

There are so many ways I receive support at ELFT, the monthly supervision gives me time to discuss any problems or any changes in circumstances. I can seek guidance around areas that are new to me, as well as having someone to listen to more routine concerns.

This is an organisation where all levels of management are approachable and are keen to make themselves available. All new ideas are welcomed and enthusiastically evaluated.”

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