The Healthcare Job Fair Revolutionises Healthcare Recruitment in Canada

Record-breaking Recruitment Drive Returns to Canada

The Healthcare Job Fair’s 2023 slate of events in Canada kicks off this February when healthcare professionals from the fields of medicine, nursing, psychology, allied health and support work converge in Calgary.

Calgary’s BMO Centre will play host to the largest job fair in Canada focused exclusively on the health and support work industries when it welcomes Canada’s premier healthcare recruiters through its doors on February 25th. Building on the runaway success of its Canadian debut in Toronto last year, the Healthcare Job Fair affords healthcare recruitment organisations an unparalleled opportunity to slash recruitment lead generation costs and attract real, beneficial hires at a time when they’re needed most – now. The event covers all major cities across Western Canada, including Edmonton and Vancouver as well as Calgary itself.

Following its debut in Calgary, the Healthcare Job Fair will be returning to Toronto on April 1st.

Welcoming nearly 800 jobseekers through its doors in 2022, the Toronto job fair provided Canadian healthcare organisations the unrivalled opportunity to converse and network with professionals from across the realm of health and support work. Now in 2023, it opens its doors again to help hospitals and healthcare providers from all across Canada come to grips with industry-wide personnel shortages and meet their staffing needs head-on.

A Revolutionary Approach to Health Talent Acquisition

The Healthcare Job Fair revolutionises healthcare recruitment by doing away with recruitment agencies and staffing companies and fostering direct, personal connections between employers and prospective candidates. This live and in-person approach to talent pool acquisition and candidate recruitment allows the 90% of employers who make a new hire on the day of the job fair to do so at a mere fraction of the cost of recruiting through an agency.

Specially designated interview areas allow employers to host interviews with promising candidates on the spot, and candidates to leave the event that very same day with job offers in hand. Some employers have reported hiring up to seven candidates in an hour while exhibiting!

For employers unable to attend the fair in person, Remote Exhibition Packages allow them to maintain a presence at the event without the added cost of airfare and accommodation. Remote booths are instead manned by health industry experts provided by the Healthcare Job Fair, equipped with a full organisational brief provided for by the exhibitor in question, and armed with a detailed breakdown of talent needs and candidate skillsets being sought. These experts, informed by decades of first-hand health industry experience, can collect candidate details and even perform screening interviews to prep candidates and begin the talent acquisition process, all while following detailed interview criteria stipulated by the exhibitor themselves.

Exhibition Spaces in High Demand

Last year’s Toronto job fair saw the venue reach peak capacity, with hopeful exhibitors having to be turned away in the last few weeks in favour of early bookings. Jobseekers queued up to attend an event that saw 42 leading healthcare organisations from Canada and beyond compete to fill their staffing needs.

Bookings for the 2023 exhibition slate are likewise going fast, so if your organisation is ready to make its next major hire, be sure to book now and secure your booth while floor space is still available!

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