How to Work as a Doctor in Canada

The process for working as a doctor in Canada can vary between the different provinces, which is why it is recommended to contact the medical regulatory authority in the province or territory you intend to live and work in. Many provinces have specific international medical graduate (IMG) programs.

The four main things an IMG needs to do before working in Canada are:

  1. Confirm your medical degree is from a recognized medical school. You can confirm this by taking a look at the FAIMER International Medical Education Directory (IMED). Your medical school and qualification must be listed on the directory to be accepted in Canada.
  2. Practice the Medical Council of Canada Evaluation Exam (MCCEE) online to ensure your readiness for the exam.
  3. Submit your credentials through the Medical Council Canada (MCC) Credentials Repository online, creating an electronic professional portfolio of your credentials.
  4. Take the MCCEE, which is offered in 80 countries.

For more information on becoming a doctor in Canada, see the MCC website. It is also recommended to contact the regulatory body of the province or territory you wish to move to. The list of the regulatory bodies in each state or territory is as follows:

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