Exhibitor FAQs


Please note: this page will be updated regularly as we receive new information. Last updated: 6th July 2022.

As an Organiser, we are following the guidelines of Public Health Ontario. If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please do not attend the event.


How big is my booth? (a)
Our single discipline exhibition space for employers targeting either Medical, Nursing, Health or Social Care professionals is 3m x 2m (6m²). Exhibition space may vary slightly depending on the venue layout. Please note that our events are space only.
How big is my booth? (b)
Our multidisciplinary exhibition space for employers targeting two or more disciplines eg. Medical, Nursing, Health or Social Care is 6m x 2m (12m²). Exhibition space may vary slightly depending on the venue layout. Please note that our events are space only.
What sort of furniture and fittings are included?
Each space is provided with a trestle table(s), a tablecloth and chairs. You may make alternative arrangements at your own cost, however, please consider the limited space and your fellow exhibitors when bringing/ordering in additional furniture.
When can I set up/take down my booth?
Exhibitors can access the venue from 8:30am on the morning of the event only as the organisers will be doing their own set up to make sure the room is ready for you. We do not have access the night before in the venue. Break down is from 3pm.
I’ve got some posters to display. Are there any restrictions regarding the construction of my booth?
• Your booth/space must not be designed or erected in a way that disadvantages another exhibitor. • No signs, graphic panels, banners or other display equipment may be fixed or attached to any part of the building - this includes items suspended from the ceiling without prior consent from the organiser and venue. • Where possible you should consider the use of fire-retardant materials in the construction of your stand. • Gas bottles and balloons are not permitted in many venues. Please contact the organisers for more information. • Lightweight poly-board or card panels can be fixed to your trestle table with double sided sticky tape, double-sided Velcro or Blu-Tack
Will electricity be provided at my booth?
There is no guarantee of access to electricity at space only booths however, if you require power please let the organisers know and we will endeavour to locate your space near to a power point.
Can I sublet my booth/space?
You must not assign the contract, sublet, or share your exhibition space without prior written consent from the organiser. No other organisation or brand other than that contracted with the organiser may be represented or displayed on your exhibition space, nor may any literature in respect to goods other than those of the exhibitor be displayed or distributed.
Lead Capture at the event?
As part of the event package, we will create the account on Healthdaq (www.healthdaq.com) for your organisation to host the leads you will engage with during the job fair. All event attendees will have their QR code handy when they approach your booth. If you are interested to capture their details and basic professional information you will simply scan the QR code using the Healthdaq App on your own mobile device and It will be recorded in your account talent pool in real time. The app is available free on Google Play Store and Apple Store.
How do I access the internet?
Wi-Fi is available free of charge for the duration of the job fair. A Wi-Fi code will be issued during set up on the morning of the job fair.
Do I need to arrange insurance?
As an exhibitor you are obliged to take out adequate insurance cover in relation to the event with special reference to: Employers liability, Personal accident to staff and All risks to: Exhibitor’s property and property on hire or loan to you at the job fair. It is possible that your existing office policies will extend to cover you at the job fair however verification should be sought from your insurer. Please ensure that any accident involving a possible claim on insurance is reported to the organisers’ office as failing to do so could result in claims not being met by your insurer.
Do I need to wear a mask at all times?
This will depend on the location of the venue, however if face coverings are no longer required by law, we recommend that people should continue to wear them in crowded and enclosed settings. Please refer to local government recommendations.
Will there be a catering service available inside the exhibition hall or must each exhibitor bring their own food?
Lunch is provided as part of your stand package. We also provide tea/coffee and water throughout the duration of the job fair.
Can I distribute flyers, promotional materials/gifts to candidates?
You are not permitted to distribute marketing collateral anywhere within the venue, except at your own booth/space. You must not encroach upon the aisles or open spaces or do anything that may cause obstruction to pedestrians or other exhibitors.
Post-Event Exhibition Break-Down
Please note that booths may not be removed from the hall until the official break-down time from 3pm. We kindly ask you to wait for all candidates to have left the hall before commencing break-down. Breaking down early strictly contravenes Healthcare Job Fair Terms & Conditions which have been agreed by you on your booking form. It is discourteous to other exhibitors who wish to exhibit until the end of the event and to any candidates who have made the journey to come to talk with you especially.
Are there opportunities to promote our attendance?
There are several opportunities to enhance your participation at our job fairs including digital advertising and database promotion. Contact our Canadian sales team, Erin Flynn on + 1 604 367 7485 or Shannon on + 1 604 314 578 to discuss all options available to you.



We know that in today’s world it’s not easy to attend a physical event. If you can’t make it to one of our job fairs, please contact our Sales Team by phone on any of the below numbers or email sales@hst.health to discuss our innovative Remote Exhibitor Packages to help you capture candidate applications in real-time.


UK & Ireland:

Alexander Sworder: +44 77 99 651 292

Laura Percival: +44 7727 423 480

Louise Finch: +44 7423 637 569

Australia & New Zealand:

Nathan Cox: + 61 468 583 823


Erin Flynn: + 1 604 367 7485

Shannon: + 1 604 314 578